Pelican Isle Villas
 Johnson's Point, Antigua


About Us


Pelican Isle is located on the Southwestern tip of Antigua, on Johnson Point, a small promontory that stretches just a little bit closer to the sunset. All of the surrounding waters are protected by an encircling reef about half-mile offshore. This offers a wonderful snorkelling arena, but also shelters the beaches from the strength of the deep ocean waters.

The beach immediately to the east is used by three local fishermen. Their tiny boats, painted in bright Caribbean colours ease out into the ocean before dawn, and return about noon with their catch of the day. Some guests purchase fresh fish from the friendly fishermen and enjoy their own cooking in a fully equipped kitchen.
Turner's Beach immediately to the west is known as one of the nicest beaches in Antigua. Four bars and restaurants are located along the beach within walking distance of the villas.

History and Philosophy

Pelican Isle was purchased in the early 1960's by Ben and Irene Grant as a retreat for themselves and their extended family. At the time, only a single villa existed where the Captain's Villa now stands. Perched on a promontory overlooking the Caribbean sea, the house commands unbelievably spectacular views - views which include not only the calliope of sunset colours, but also the constantly changing choreography of clouds. For three decades Irene Grant found inspiration for her paintings... in the summer squalls that race across the horizon... in the colourful sail boats that work the trade winds to round the point. Many of these paintings are in the villas... Caribbean island scenes with a personal touch.

Most important to the family , over the years, has been preserving the location's natural beauty, and maintaining a quiet and private vacation environment that offers an unusual alternative to the bustling activity of the "all-inclusive" hotel resorts that are springing up all over the Caribbean. Over the years, the family built seven additional villas, gently removed from one another, but strategically placed to maximize the extraordinary views. Around and through the villas, they also erected a family of walls and terraces from natural stone that both reinforces the privacy and yet also knits the collection of houses together.

The place had been a landmark for islanders for years... in fact it was a favourite place for marriages and other ceremonies. Pelicans inhabit a small rock island just offshore, and offer, on the property's doorstep, a daily exhibition as they repeatedly dive-bomb into the waters outside the villas, fishing for dinner.

Over two hundred years ago, the site was used by Admiral Nelson as an outlying observatory and signal post. The Point was named for Captain Johnson who manned it. Ruins of the fortified position still remain, including a small lookout hut with two rifle windows that sight directly along the two adjacent beaches.


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